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About New Footjoa

NEW FOOTJOA is manufactured using Neoprene, a material mainly used for diving suit. The material is recognized for its excellent thermo and functional effects in advanced countries and is sold at high price. Its powerful thermo effect warms the feet and improves blood circulation from the heart to feet. The function alleviates impact from external environment, protecting ankles and growth plate of young people.

Medical institutes in the U.S. uses it to patients and even to ordinary people.

*In the wake of human well-being craze in the world market, the imported material

is revitalized, thanks to the investment and development of domestic company.

*New Foojoa is one of the well-being products that care for your feet just by

wearing it, even if you are not a footcare expert.

*You will experience dramatic changes in your feet, such as eliminating dead skin

cells shortly after wearing the product.

* Ceramic that generates far-infrared and anionic is attached on the bottom surface,

stimulating the special body spots. It activates cells and metabolism to help maintain

the best condition.

The 3+4 strength of New Footjoa

Three functions: Powerful thermo keeping + Sound sleep effects + Foot care

Four features:Protection- Buffer effect against external environment and ankle protection with the ergonomic 3D pattern.

Ventilation- The whole design considers feet activities and offers excellent ventilation and convenience that enables comfortable indoor experience.

Neoprene- Enhanced activities and optimized thermal effects with Neoprene, a super stretching fabric.

Tourmaline- Rich anionic ceramic is printed on the stimulated point of soles.

Effects of New Footjoa

With ordinary socks/Footjoa 20-minute after wearing socks/20-minute after wearing Footjoa

Before wearing 5 days after

Features of New Footjoa

The product is manufactured with Neoprene, a special material with excellent thermal effects.

The product offers outstanding flexibility compared with conventional fabric, and is excellent for chemical resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, and wear-and-tear resistance.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber – not a natural tree - which is a composite material produced in conjunction with chemical and catalysis reaction. The material is classified into double sum and triple sum compound of two-class and three-class methods, a high-end material invented for the first time among synthetic rubber.

? Anionic generating ceramic promotes metabolism and cell activation.

?Blocks external air and increase interior temperature with the air within the fabric.

? Super stretching fabric optimizes activities.

New Footjoa stimulates the body along special pathways

New Footjoa is developed with special print that stimulates spots on the body suitable for acupuncture.

The product features anionic generating ceramic that relieves fatigue.

Our feet is connected to each part of our body and is considered as our second heart because of its capillary.







Washing Instruction

Do not machine laundry or boil.

Rub lightly with soft detergent.

New Footjoa is good for modern people who lack in exercise and has poor metabolism

* Outdoor activity- construction field, shipyard, factory, markets, delivery men, soldiers

* Cold feet (Cold limb)

*Sports-ski, snowboard, winter hiking, fishing, hunting

*Health-Aerobic, aquarobics, yoga, workout, dance

*Indoor life style- Stores, schools, hospitals, churches, temples, work places

*Gift for students, homemakers, parents

*Foot care-Hells, callus, acupressure effect, blood circulation

*Sleep disorder

*Expectant mother, recover after childbirth

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