Shrimp Extract Powder

Shrimp Extract Powder

Shrimp Extract Powder Made in Korea


Product Name Shrimp Extract Powder Form Powder Processing Type Refined, Blended, spray or vacuum dried Style Dried Drying Process Vacuum dried Packaging Bag, Bulk Certification HACCP, ISO Taste Shrimp Color Beige Additives Shrimp decomposed liquid, maltodextrin, table salt, arabia gum, etc. Shelf Life 18 months Weight (kg) 20 Place of Origin Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Ingredients: Shrimp Decomposed liquid, Maltodextrin, Table salt, Arabia gum, Glycine, etc. Feature: Beige Color Powder with Shrimp taste Shelf life: 18 months from the manufactured date Payment: L/C or T/T Packaging: 5,10, 15, 20kg bag/carton Delivery: Within 15days from the order confirmation or L/C open date We also manufacture imitation seasoning, and can meet any requirement.For the other seasoning products of ours, please refer to the information below. * Our mixed seasoning products belong to each corresponding food base categories such as Primary, Meat, Seafood, Vegetable, and Seasoning ingredients. Seafood Base As the health awareness continues to grow in today's society, people are becoming more conscious of what they eat, as shown in their growing preference for seafood to meat. Responding to changes in our customers' preference and to satisfy their various demands, we at Tae Kyung Food Ltd. have been developing our line of seafood bases that brings out the natural aroma and the rich flavor of fresh seafood such as crab, shellfish, shrimp, anchovy, and katsuo. There is a bigger cost constraining factor with seafood base than there is with other types of food bases. This is because its raw material cost is subject to more fluctuations due to frequent seafood price changes, resulting from seasonal differences in the amount of seafood catch. Nonetheless, we are very confident that our line of seafood bases will satisfy our customers by helping them bring down the cost and enhance the quality of their product. Our seafood base is available in liquid, paste, spray-dried powder or in vacuum-dried powder form.   ProductName *P.U. Application Description *I.N.S *M.P. BreadDough BiscuitSnack Seasoning *S.P. Crab Crab extract 36302 20kg O     O O O Pure type of crab extract  Crab extract powder 20kg O     O O O Pure type of crab extract powder  Shortneck clam  Clam flavored pdr. TF  20kg O     O O O Water-soluble with hydrothermal extraction  Shortneck clam ext. TK 20kg O     O O O Concentrated paste with hydrothermal ext.  Shrimp Shrimp extract 20kg O     O O O Paste with rich shrimp taste Shrimp extract powder 20kg O     O O O Powder, with rich shrimp taste Salted shrimp sauce  1 ton  O     O O O Zymolytic salted shrimp for Kimch seasoning Anchovy Anchovy Ext. pdr. 20kg O     O O O Anchovy powder with hydrothermal extraction Katsuo Katsuo Ext. Pdr. D 20kg O     O O O Seasoning pdr with excellent Katsuo flavor  Katsuo ext. pdr. F 20kg O     O O O High Katsuo content powder Squid Squid extract 20kg             Excellent squid flavor powder Kelp Kelp extract powder 20kg O O   O O O Excellent kelp flavor powder Mixture Mixed seafood taste pdr.  20kg O     O O   Harmonized seafood mixture with broth P.U.:Packaging Unit I.N.S.:Instant Noodle Soup S.P.:Seafood Processing M.P.:Meat Processing FSP :Fermented soy sauce powder

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