Powdered Green Tea

Powdered Green Tea

Powdered Green Tea Made in Korea


Features Powdered green has various functional ingredients including catechin, flavonol, caffeine, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It's effective in various areas such as antioxidant effects, suppression against hospital bacteria, etc. The product is made by softly grinding green tea leaves. This green tea is different from other green tea since cultivation. Leaves are covered before 2 weeks of breeding, and direct sunlight is blocked to increase cathechin and flavones substances in green tea. Powdered green tea is used in many ways in our lives. It can be used to make green tea bread, green tea cake, green tea ice-cream, green tea chewing gum, and green tea noodles. It's also used for drinks like green tea drinks, green tea soju, and green tea yoghurt. Green tea powder can also be used for other persona goods including green tea soap, green tea shampoo, and green tea cosmetics. Green tea powder can especially remove the oil and oily smell even when small amount is applied to the food. Green tea also has substances that dissolve fat, which is effective for reducing calories and good for diet. Powdered Green Tea Specification Definition: Product produced by carefully grinding green tea from Jeju island, Gangjin, and Bosung, using a grinder(Air-Mill). Icon: Has unique color and flavor of green tea, and does not have any moss. Ingredients/Content: Green Tea 100% Origin: Korea Substance Specification Moisture Content(%) : 10.0 or less Mesh : 500 or higher Tar Coloring & Foreign Substance: None Lead(mg/kg) : 2.0 or less Remaining agricultural chemicals : Lower than the standards in Food Guideline Storage: To be kept in room temperature (Keep it sealed and be careful of moisture absorption) Expiration Date: 2 years after production date Package Unit: 100g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg Foamzero 530 F (Defoaming Agent) Foamzero-530F an emulsified product using emulsifier. It has superior acid moisture with outstanding quickness and durability. It allows stable operation environment against foams produced in food-manufacturing factories. The product shows its effects only with minimal amount. Product Specification   Unit Spec. Remarks Exterior   Milky Visual observation pH   6.0 - 8.0 25°C Solidity % 35.0 (±2) 5g / 105°C / 2 hr Grav.   1.01 (±0.02) 25°C Viscosity CPS 500-3,000 Sp2 / 12rpm / 25°C Arsenic ppm 2 or less Conforms to Food Additives Guideline Heavy Metal ppm 20 or less Conforms to Food Additives Guideline

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