5KM coaching system for open water swimmin...

5KM coaching system for open water swimmin...

5KM coaching system for open water swimmin... Made in Korea


5KM waterproof communication system for open water swimming,rowing,sailing,motorboat... Introduction-- this is our upgrade system based on our old swimming training system. Comes in  Sep 2013 We know how difficult  it is to communicate during water sports,especially underwater or long distance . That’s why our upgraded system “i-AYC” comes! I-AYC allows coaches/trainees to communicate in realtime during training even if the swimmer's head fully submerged. With multi channels function for different teams trained at same time.It contains some walkie talkie and some bone conduction headsets. Coach uses walkie talkie to instruct the athletes who wears the headsets. Two designs for both on water and on land.Long distance 1-5Km and long time battery 10-50hours   I-ayc system, an amazing new upgraded system with bone conduction tech can help you solve all the problems. It is an upgraded system based on our old product"swimming training system" which is popular with many national swimming teams. The upgrade system makes many improvement.   Application:(for coaches and trainees to communicate in realtime feedback) 1)Aquatic sport: swimming, ski, water ski, sailing boat, motorboat, rowing, salvage, water polo, kayak, dragon boat, open water,triathlon ...under&on water sport 2)On land sport: Horse racing, cycling, walking, biking ,running...   Quick overview: 1, for sport on water, in water and on land, wide applications  2,1KM-5KM long distance wireless communication  3, Instant feedback to the trainees anytime,live and real time.4, Multiple channel:Team workouts with multiple trainees to 1 walkie talkie 5,waterproof design:  Walkie talkie: splash waterproof or non-waterproof for your choose headset :IPX12,10M depth 100% waterproof. Signal depth is 1M underwater 6, innovative new design of headset: smart,light, comfortable 7,Bone conduction tech--hearing aid and hearing protection, ok in high noisy environment. 8,With "Mute de-noising ", no noise in any situation 9,long time battery: walkie talkie>50hours; headset:>10hours   Direction of Use This system contains some walkie talkies(3A) and some bone conduction headsets(3B).   1)walkie talkie to walkie talkie: two way conversation among people 2)Walkie talkie to headset(For sport training): one way conversation for sport training. Walkie talkie is for the coach,while headset is for the trainees. The trainees can receive sound but can’t speak to the coach.      -------just need to choose the channel, then one coach can teach different teams and different coaches can teach together at same time.multiple teaching and teamwork now!   What’s bone conduction? Sound are decoded and converted into vibration on facial bone! directly received by cochlea----bypass eardrum. No electric-Magnetic wave.   Advantage of bone conduction tech: 1,Let ear absolutely free at the same time,  you can still enjoy your normal conversation and listening to the surrounded sounds without removing the bone conduction headset 2,Hearing aid and protection, ok for people with hearing loss and impairment, and help prevent hearing deduction/loss 3,Even in high noise condition, you can hear the clear sounds by the use of ear plugs for the protection,even if you ear is full of water. Give swimmer clear instruction 4,perfectly used in the water or special work environment

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