PANG-I KILLER Made in Korea


PANG-I KILLER is a functional microbial product mainly made out of the purely separated and identified microbes in the soil indigenous to Korean which has a superior forming potential of not only plant growth-promoting hormones but pathogenic fungi

  • It effectively prevents downy mildew and withering of cucumber, tomato and yellow melon.
  • This is harmless to human body ad environment and safe to use during harvest season, because it is made out of the microbes in the soil indigenous to Korea and it can’t remain in the body.
Effect & Efficiency
  • Effect expediting growth of crops and increasing biomass
  • Effect inhibiting and preventing crop pests by restraining spore germination pathogenic fungi
  • Fungi mycelium Growth inhibition of Downy mildew by treating PANG-I KILLER
Ingredient & Composition
  • Kluyvera intermedia DS-EBN-GBI : Over 1.0 X 108 CFU/ml
Use & Directions - (100 times dilution with 250ml)
When to Use With 20L of water
For prevention About every two weeks (within 3 days after rain) 30ml of this agent to be diluted with 20L of water (Its cap or lid can hold about 15ml.)
For early detection of disease outbreaks Every 7 days

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