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About Us

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We achieved a great technological success in a variety of field such as : aspherical lens manufacturing,ultra precision in machining mold inserts, and high enduring metal coating.

We enabled mass production of aspherical lens by glass molding technology. Our lens are widely used in laser printer, beam projector, camera lens, and optical communication system.

Beyond making aspherical lens, This company is utilizing its aspherical technology in lens assembly business : manufacturing automotive lens, pin-hole lens, fish-eye lens, and zoom lens. Its lens units perform high because of its design power inaspherical lens.

We will fulfill richer life for consumers and its customers with high value in exceptional quality and fast delivery.

This company is aiming to serve the market demand with competitive costs to expand the market.

Application and Business Area

1. Aspheric lens for

Laser Printer Collimation Lens

Beam Projector Lens -> 30

Digital Camera Lens 3-25

Laster Coupler Lens <- 3

IR Lens [under development]

Micro Optics etc.

2. LED Illumination

LED Lighting Panel

Lighting Unit for Building

3. Sub Assembly

Wdie View Lens for Automotive

Lens for CCTV camera module


  • Laser and Projector lens

  • Fiber Optics

  • lens sub assembly