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About Us

About us

With clients, Think human and environment.

This is the enterprise spirit of us.

We have the fervor and challenge spirit to be the global corporation.

Raise the dream in the world, Improve the future.

We challenge to the world to be the world-best.

We are constantly challenged into the future

We are not saying we are the Best. but we are striving to give the Best for a perfect world.Our mission is to value human life, the environment and human lives and to enhance shareholder value so that our employee feel pride our company and make sustained growth.For this, we secure world-class Technology to ensure understanding of the changes in market and customer satisfaction and Based on Market Intelligence,we stand as a Global Player.

Continuous technology development and product quality, we will produce profit with the world first-class products.

In addition, We will figure out the client's needs, we will serve the most needed product to customers by providing the necessary time and will gain a competitive edge in the global market that we will.

CEO Keun sung Park

An auto trim parts factory around Gwangju(catapults, painting , Module)