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About Us

Introduction of Company

This Company is an aluminum engineering company specializing in designing, processing and assembling aluminum, and is a company moving forward with new vision, strategic thinking and a bold attitude.

Our vision is a tangible and realistic one. We focus on attainable changes that benefit the industry. DU ANI establishes goals and works to achieve them.

● Platform screen door
● Electric motor unit car body
● Aluminum EV car frame
● Handrail
● Interior materials of cabin

Business Areas

1. Railroad vehicle sector

- Participated in developing next-generation rail motors (host : Hyundai Rotem)
- Participated in developing vehicle bodies of light railway transit(host : SEMS)
- Developed Plug doors of rail motors
- Developed fireproof interior materials and seats for rail motors

2. Platform screen doors

- Developed and constructed PSDs at SMRT subway stations
- Developed and constructed PSDs at Busan Metropolitan Rapid Transit
Corporation’s subway stations
- Developed and constructed PSDs at Daejeon Rapid Transit Corporation’s subway stations
- Developing PSDs (Half type) of railing in Malaysia (ongoing)

3. New business sectors

- Developed light EV car frames
- Developed cases for secondary cell and underbodies
- Developed interior materials and components for interior design
- Developed noise reduction panels for architecture

4. DU ANI’s technology

- Intellectual property rights retained (91cases)
- Weight reducing technology for aluminum structures
- Interpretation and design of extrusion of aluminum
- Precise machining and welding technology for aluminum materials
- Hybrid welding, bolting modularization
- Noise reducing technology for ships, cars, and architectural structures