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Best made in Korea

About Us

Domestic and international industrial instruments and high-tech parts manufacturer


Our vision is to be an "Innovation Technology Partner" that creates a convenient andcomfortable world. we dedicated to helping create prosperous lives for our customers through the products and services that we provide.

Areas of Business

1. Machinery

1) Tractor

- Grew to become a global agricultural machinery brand- Production capacity of 20,000 tractors per year- High growth in overseas markets (over 30% per year)- Established full line-up of production from small to large products- High-tech production facilities and the world's best design and quality

2) Injection Molding Machines

- Highly productive and eco-friendly injection molding machines in the plastic forming sector- Produces 30 ~ 4500 ton injection molding machines based on a 40-year history and leading technologies.- Offers 30 ~ 550 ton highly efficient and eco-friendly electric injection molding machines- Offers hybrid injection molding machines with advanced technologies- World-class quality and production system, exporting to about 50 countries

3) Special Business Areas

- Secures high-tech technologies that lead the global munitions industry- Withstands 13~55 ton load (combat vehicles including tanks, armored vehicles, and self-propelled artillery)- Developed independent tracks for all combat vehicles which are operated domestically- Weight reduction and application of highly-durable design and technology

2. High-Tech Components

1) Electronic Parts

- Offers a variety of connectors of world-class quality across different specifications- Offers antennas for mobile, RFID, and DMB- Offers core parts requiring high technologies

2) Circuit Materials

- Global leader in special electrolytic copper foil and sputter type FCCL field by 2015- Secures high-functional and high-reliable manufacturing technologies for ultra thin parts- Sputter type FCCL for COF use in LCDs where fine patterns can be implemented

3) UC (Ultra Capacitor)

- Rated voltage: 2.8 V (World top class in the EDLC sector)- High power characteristics (vs. Battery)- High energy characteristics (vs. Conventional Capacitor)- No need for maintenance (charging/discharging over 1 million cycles and greater than 10-year life spans are expected)

4) Vehicle Parts

- Developed ultra low expansion brake hoses- Extended new CAC (Charged-Air Cooler) Hose Lines for the first time in Korea- Provides products to global automotive companies as a tier-1 partner