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About Us

Company’s Overview

We has technical skills across all areas including each key technology thoughtout industrial, automotive oil filter and air cleaner since started producing a general industrial purposes filter and industrial air cleaner.

We have the necessary technical elements about air filters products and air cleaners.

Thorough Quality First and Customer preference shares.

당사의 주력 생산 제품인 AIR CLEANER란 자동차 엔진으로 유입되는 외부 공기에 포함된 먼지등 이물질을 걸러주어 이물질에 의한 엔진내부의 이상 마모가 발생하지 않고, 엔진 성능 및 내구 수명을 높여주는 친환경 부품기능을 합니다.

국내 AIR CLEANER를 생산하는 자동차 협력업체로는 만앤휴멜코리아, 말레동현,(주)리한, (주)라도 등이 있으며 당사를 제외한 3사는 주력제품이 승용차용 AIR CLEANER를 생산하고 있으며 저희는 상용차 및 중장비용을 생산하여 현대모비스, 기아자동차의 협력사로 거래하고 있습니다.

LADO History


2012.08 Excellent company of employment (Gwang ju CITY)

2012.05 Woman-Friendly company (Ministry of Gender Equality & Family)


2011.09 Research institute foundations and authentication (from the Korean Industry Technique Association)


2007.05Manufacture equipment extension(cutting, punching machines, urethane M/C)

2004.12 A Venture Business confirmation(Small and Medium Business Administration)


1997. 05 Complete urethane mass production system

1994. 11 Produce urethane product

1994. 06 Office expanding and completion of laboratory

1992. 02 Attain double in Industrial Safety disaster

1991. 02 Gwang ju CITY Convention on Quality Control Circles(company was awarded prize for encouragement)


1988. 08 Factory quality management classify(Grade) mark acquired

1987. 11Air purifier filter KS mark authorized acquired

1983. 07Convert into corporation LADO Inc.


1973. 05Produce AIR CLEANER


1969. 07Inauguration of LADO Inc. Industry