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About Us

We have dedicated for the development of information industry in our region by

providing area-specific customized professional services and consulting to achieve

the system stability of customers and customer satisfaction. In addition, by

presenting a model of optimal information through the application of systematic

and efficient management of information resources and technology, we are

leading the technology of community and the customer satisfaction services is

achieved based on our rich experience.

Patent Retention

1. Methods for Autonomous wireless sensor network based on the positioning of the mobile node does not need

2. Marine network WiNedia network for Performance Improvement Method

3. Marine Sensor Network Routing

4. Vessel failure in a sensor network that supports the detection of a cluster-based routing method

5. Contents security system and method

A. SI(System Integration)

Providing integrated systems including H/W, S/W, solutions required for consulting, design and construction of information systems for overall customer management efficiency and competitiveness. System Integration Service differentiated by professionals with a variety of experience and know-how in government offices, businesses, educational institutions including the National Computing and information Agency is provided for customer competitiveness

B. NI(Network Integration)

Providing Total Network Integration Service including optimal network design, consulting, construction, operation, maintenance through the analysis of a variety of customer requirements by using Networkrelated equipment, solutions as Multi Vendor Item.

C. ITO(IT Outsourcing)

Know-how of outsourcing has been accumulated through performing and managing maintenance works for the National Computing and Information Agency a variety of customers, and IT outsourcing Service is provided for efficiency of customer’s IT related tasks and effective operation of IT infrastructure through manpower specialized in each field