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About Us

Introduction of company


Total IT Service Provider

This company is a specialized company for IT outsourcing. We have been providing customized solutions for SI, SM, NI and R&D in diverse industries, such as steel, electronics, electricity, automobile, chemicals, telecommunication and government, putting top priority on customer satisfaction.

This company has been recognized for results in ERP, CRM, PDM, MRP, SCM, MES. We have performed IT projects for government and enterprises, maintaining strategic partnerships with the nation’s largest companies,

In particular, our specialized technologies for MES have been valued and selected as a supporting agency for e-Manufacturing of Small & Medium Business Administration. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are information technology systems that manage manufacturing operations in factories.

Areas of Business

We are leading the software business in the Honam area. To be a truly global

leader, we are trying our best to develop the local IT industry by providing customized products and solutions for SI, SM. NI and R&D on the basis of change and challenge.

  • System Integration (SI)

    ▶ Computing business development

    for ERP·CRM·PDM· MRP·SCM·MES with

    Government and enterprises

    ▶Strategic Partner

    - LG CNS, Samsung SDS Hyundai-Kia Motors,

    Hyundai Autoever Systems , etc.

  • System Management (SM)

    ▶ Government Integrated Data Center in


    - Information Systems Management

    - Security communication Infra Management

    - Data Center Management


    - Management for ERP· MES· SCM


  • Network Integration (NI)

    ▶Infrastructure of public agencies

    ▶Enterprise, Schools, Hospitals, etc.

  • R&D

    ▶Government sponsored R&D projects

    - PACE (Prediction for Agriculture based Crop

    and Environment )Maker

    - Development Of Smart Mooring System

    Invigorating Leisure Boat

    ▶SI Consulting

    ▶Supporting computing business development