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About Us


■ Commercial Vehicles Parts of this Company

This Company, as a manufacturer of parts of commercial vehicles including trucks and buses, is gaining attention in the world’s market of automotive parts based on world-class technical skills and high quality products.

■ World-Class Technology and Quality Competitiveness through Innovative Technology

We are leading the world market in the aluminum wheel sector, a core part of commercial vehicles, with our unrivalled competitiveness.

In this Company, high quality products based on original technology, world-class manufacturing technology, and quality competitiveness developed through consistent investment and R&D, are produced and supplied to global automotive companies. We are striving to strengthen our corporate system in a way to satisfy various needs and respond to market trends so that we can offer differentiated products with high technology and high value.

■ Passion and a Bold Vision of the Future

With passion and a bold spirit, This Company is strengthening its future competitiveness. We maintain our corporate capacity for future businesses for sustainable growth, while innovating ourself in order to become the top global company of vehicle parts. We will maintain our reputation as an admired and trusted company by actively implementing our corporate social responsibilities and contributing to creating a healthy society.



Areas of Business

■ Commercial Vehicle Aluminum Wheel

Compared to steel-made wheels, our core aluminum wheel proucts reduce weight by 30%, fuel consumption by 6~7%, and wear rate by 17%.

■ Major Customers

- Overseas: DAIMLER(Germany), ISUZU(Japan)