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About Us

Company Introduction

For the last 19 years, we have served as a major ship construction company in Korea, and have created world-class engineering technology. As we state in our slogan, we don't just build ships, we build trust among our customers. We believe our customer relationships are more important than our technology. Members of this will continue to share our passion with our nation-wide product lines.



Company History

nov. 03. 1993 Established as SamWon Corp nov. 05. 1993 Registered as SamWon Corp dec. 05. 1993 Joined Korea Shipbuilding Industry Cooperative jan. 17. 1994 Registered Plants (Article No. 7-02-38-1-59) nov. 03. 1995 Certification with Regard to Ship Dismantling (Article No. 95-8) aug. 09. 1998 Applied for Bids to the Office of Supply (Article No. 33-11-0101) dec. 17. 1998 Issued Certification with Regard to Ship Dismantling (Article No. 98-06) dec. 30. 1998 Increase Capital Stocks From 100 Million Won to 300 Million Won jun. 22. 1999 Recommended as a Promising Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise jun. 01. 1999 ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification jul. 01. 2002 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification sep. 2003 Open the Second Plant feb. 24. 2006 Recommended as "Inno Biz" (No. 6101-0130) jul. 12. 2006 Purchase of 3rd Plant, T&G Heavy Industry Corp. nov. 26. 2007 Recommended as a Management Innovation and Mid-sized Enterprise jan. 10. 2009 Established Ship Research Institute