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In Today’s high-tech industry, markets demand the best quality high efficiency motors, wind turbines and automotive. Sinoktech Co., Ltd pledges to become a superior company in the motor and green industries earning customer trust by supplying products of the best quality at reasonable prices manufactured within a minimum period of time.


Hybrid Test Bed in Yeonggwang


SinokTech Hybrid Test Bed Spec.
Installation siteBaeksu-eup, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Solar module20KW
Wind powerHorizontal type 10KW-3ea
Horizontal type 3.5KW-1ea
Vertical type 3KW-1ea
Under monitor Hybrid (Wind + Solar + Diesel) complex system


Sinok Tech aims for a position as a leading company in the high-tech motor development industry of the next generation by actively investing in R&D, introducing new technology and developing new products.

  • - Wind/Solar: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Generator System, Solar Energy System
  • - Motor: Screw Comp Motor (30HP~150HP), Scroll Comp Motors (1HP~5HP& 134A), CO2 Comp, In Wheel BLDC Motor (6HP~40HP), BLDC Fan Motor, AC Motor (0.3HP~3HP), Shading Pole Motor, and others