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About Us


This company was founded in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province in July 1999 and relocated in the

eco-friendly industrial complex of Jeonju, a Mecca of the carbon industry, in October 2011.

We produce and sell an eco-friendly, long-life energy storage device, Super Capacitor. Super

Capacitor is widely used in new and renewable energy fields such as wind power and electric

cars, and it is gaining significant attention as a future energy storage device.

“We provide environment-friendly products, contributing to society on the basis of Vina

member's happiness."

With the corporate mission stated above, our 100+ employees are working together to share

and practice their dream of achieving sales goal of 200 billion won by 2015.


Area of Business

A variety of applications such as hybrid buses, wind power plants including heavy equipment

industry, solar power plants, medical devices, and electric cars. Products are drawing attention

as future energy devices for their stable and eco-friendly batteries.


- High output (>2kW/kg) and semi-permanent charging/discharging (>500,000 times)

- Stable temperature(high/low temperature) and quick charging

- Eco-friendly energy storage device