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About Us

Introduction of company

We are dedicated to achieving innovative management and quality enhancement through advanced technologies and knowhow. We have been striving to implement future-orientated management through the creation of business information and implementing management policies characterized with respect for humans through harmony between corporations and individuals, while pursuing our goal of customer satisfaction through consistent enhancement of product quality, thereby growing together with customers.

“Quality is a required value for the survival of a company.” This sentence embodies our quality philosophy, and we have always strived to implement quality management. We will try our best to please customers with our innovative products and our steadfast goal of “Customer Satisfaction First.”

Areas of Business

▶ Interior business for ships
▶ Interior business for cars
▶ Weather stripping for cars





Glass Run blocks external air and dust, and serves as a design for an elegant appearance.It enhances the smooth up-and-down movement of glass. If an incorrect product is installed, it causes wind noise (noise) while running at high-speeds.



Door Weather Strip is a so-called sealing part which is attached at the opening/closing part of windows or doors so that external air, dust, water permeation,and wind noise(noise) can be blocked, and serves as a design for an elegant appearance.